About Me| Vida Pilates

Hi there!


My name is Jenny and I am the owner of VIDA Pilates. I am definitely not the most traditional Pilates teacher you’ll find out there and I do pride myself in being a little different – life wouldn’t be fun if we were all alike, would it?

I believe that Pilates should be fun and interesting leaning experience, rather than a repetitive and boring exercise class, so I try to make my classes as interesting and as memorable as possible.


Being a teacher and spending most of my days speaking can sometimes make me want to cry – not because I find Pilates or my clients boring, but because I have to listen to my own voice all day long, and who can honestly admit to liking the sound of their own voice?

So to make it a little less traumatic for my ears I’m always trying to find new ways to engage with my clients and show them how to move whilst having fun, no matter their age or level of fitness.

My goal as a Pilates teacher is to help my clients to explore and improve their movement patterns and to take the knowledge and incorporate it into their everyday lives. We can’t make big changes without first understanding what we are currently doing, and without practicing the changes every day. 

I teach Matwork group classes as well as private equipment classes. The Pilates apparatus (The Reformer, The Tower, The Chair, The Ladder Barrel) look scary, but are loads of fun and challenge and support the body far more than the Matwork exercises allow.

If you are interested in exploring what Pilates can help you achieve, please drop me an email. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.