My Classes| Vida Pilates

When I’m teaching I don’t focus on making you perform the exercises 100% accurately as I believe that if we focus on perfection, we will actually prevent ourselves from moving as we will be too scared of doing something wrong.

Every person has developed habits and ‘cheats’ over their lifetime and it is going to take a while to change that. I want you to become aware of your habits and compensations and then explore different ways of overcoming them. Over time, as we experience more movement and awareness, we will be able to ‘cheat’ less and less and work towards the ideal Pilates form. But more importantly, I want to give you the tools to improve your alignment so that you can move around without pain or discomfort. This is something that I too am working on, so I don’t want anybody to ever feel that they are alone!


During my classes I take your body through all of the ranges of movement focusing on the ideal alignment of the joints. I use detailed verbal cues when describing the positioning of the body and the movement, as well as hands-on feedback to help you to understand and feel where you should be.

Sometimes that movements are slow and precise, but at other times the movements are faster, each providing its own challenges. 

I want you to feel that you have worked hard but are feeling taller and more graceful when you leave my classes.

Practice makes progress, not perfection!