My Clients| Vida Pilates

My classes are for all ages, shapes and sizes! The most important thing to have to join my classes is a sense of humour! 


If I were to describe my classes in 3 words, I would probably say ‘lighthearted’, ‘fun’ and ‘educational’, and I hope that you would agree. I like to hear people laughing even if it is at my expense, as we can’t laugh and hold tension in our bodies. So I laugh with my clients and sometimes even at them (especially when I throw in the co-ordination exercises).


My clients' are also the type that enjoy learning about the details of the exercises. I don’t mind if you ask questions (as long as they are relevant and don’t disrupt the class) as most of the time other people are wondering the same thing.


So if you're a desk-based office worker, a builder, in the service industry, a mother / father looking to keep up with your kids, or anyone who wants to move more, contact me to claim your free matwork class now!