My Philosophy| Vida Pilates

My philosophy is shaped by my Pilates training as well as my own personal experience regarding my injury.

I want to see people moving freely and easily without tension and pain. I want to teach my clients to become aware of their movements (or lack thereof) and help them to discover ways to improve them.

Movement should be such a natural thing for us to do, and yet it has become almost non-existent in a lot of cases (and no, working out frantically for 1 hour a day does not undo the other 23 hours of the day where we barely move at all).


Joseph Pilates used to look at the way animals and babies moved with an inherent grace and ease, and compared it to how different it was as we became older. I believe that the situation is far worse today due to our use of and reliance on technology and our sedentary lifestyles.

We have become reliant on medicine to fix our ailments and injuries, expecting  a pill or an x-ray or an operation to cure everything. Unfortunately this is not how things work. Our bodies are the most amazing organisms and if we treat them as they should be treated, they will do a lot of the healing for us. Movement truly is the best medicine, and we are the only ones who can put that into practice.


I want my clients to rediscover their inner child / animal (depending on which you prefer - I'm more of an animal person myself) and find freedom and ease within their bodies. By doing this I believe that we can keep our bodies strong and mobile as we get older.

So, what are you waiting for? Either send me an email, or get off your computer/phone and go for a walk!