What is Pilates? | VIDA Pilates | Services

Pilates is a series of exercises, created by Joseph Pilates, who called his system Contrology (it only became known as Pilates after his death).

It is aimed at strengthening the body's core postural muscles with a focus on elongating and restoring balance to the body by working all muscles, in all planes of movement (remember we are 3-dimensional orgnanisms with more muslces than just our abs and glutes). 


As humans, our bodies are designed to move, however in today's world of computers, smart phones, and other electronic devices, we are becoming more and more sedentary. This is leading to an increase in health issues for young and old. Pilates is focused on full body movement, and re-educating our bodies as well as our brains to improve and correct our dysfunctional movement patterns. 


Modern Pilates incorporates the following principles into every exercise:

  • Breathing

  • Centre (core)

  • Coordination

  • Precision

  • Control


By teaching us correct breathing  technique as well as ideal spinal and pelvic alignment, we are able to learn how to control the movement of our bodies enabling more efficient and effective movements. It also focuses on smooth, flowing movement which allows us to become acutely in tune with our body. 

Contemporary vs Classical? | VIDA Pilates | Services

Today, there are so many different branches of Pilates and debates within the teaching community can get quite heated as to what is and isn't Pilates. You may hear the terms 'Contemporary' and 'Classical' and wonder what they mean. 

Classical Pilates refers to teachers who have learned the system exactly how Joseph Pilates taught them - using the same language and exercises without any changes to them. If Joe didn't do it, then they won't teach it!

Contemporary or evolved Pilates came about from a physiotherapy influence on the exercises. Exercises were modified to allow more people to be able to perform them, particularly when injured. There are more exercises that have been created and the original exercises have been modified to make them more accessible to the general population.

I was trained in a contemporary school, however, I have done further training with a Classical teacher in the USA, Shari Berkowitz. Shari is a biomechanist and an ergonomist who brought the joy of the Classical exercises to me, when combined with the modern biomechanic knowledge of how the body and the muscles work.

So, although my training is contemporary, I teach the Classical exercises during my classes.

Shari brought about so many changes in my own body, so I love to share that with my clients.