What is the Mobiliser? | VIDA Pilates | Services

Back pain is common and affects most people at some point in their life. In most cases it should disappear quite quickly, however when it doesn’t self-cure, treatment can offer a lifeline. Mobilising and massaging the spine can help restore mobility. Mobilisation in particular has a great reputation for assisting rehabilitation following back injury, surgery, sciatica or just dealing with non-specific back pain.

The Mobiliser is an extremely powerful spinal joint mobilisation system which targets each individual vertebral joint which, in turn, encourages each vertebra to become more mobile. The Mobiliser system moves both the muscles and joints. It gently targets each vertebra and as a result, it is usually very effective at decreasing the symptoms of long term, chronic musculo-skeletal problems. To further enhance its benefits, the Mobiliser can be combined with an Emmett treatment or a private Pilates class for a more comprehensive approach.
The Mobiliser is programmed to operate over a 15 minute cycle, which can be repeated if required. The unit comprises of a built-in carbon heater designed to heat the back, two pairs of rollers with of a total of 56 rounded knobbles which gently move up and down the length of the body. The rollers gently and repeatedly flex and extend your spine, thereby working each individual vertebra, thus encouraging stubborn vertebrae into action. The system applies very localised pressure to the muscles on either side of the spine, while also applying a bending force to the vertebrae. Whilst this is initially uncomfortable for most, and painful for some (typically for just a few seconds every so often during a session), the majority of users find that their symptoms abate quite quickly. The Mobiliser provides more stretch than when using conventional face down massage.
*** The Mobiliser is not intended to replace or substitute any medical advice or treatment. 
It is recommended that you consult your General Practitioner about any health concerns and to obtain medical clearance before using it. ***