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Testimonials | VIDA Pilates

Thank you for a great pilates class today Jenny. It was my first attempt at pilates and I found your teaching easy to understand/follow & liked that you went and gave us individual attention throughout the class so we used the techniques/positions safely & correctly. Would highly recommend and look forward to becoming a regular at your classes. Can already feel the effects! Thanks again.
Jenny is a great teacher and always makes sure everyone understands what the exercises are for and how to do them. She lets us work at our own pace but is always encouraging and cheerful!
Jenny's classes are always fun and varied. No slipping into predictable routines and her explanations are clear and to the point, often calling upon African imagery..."Elephants sitting on your hips" which make you think! 
Sitting at home watching tv and doing my "homework" causes amusement in the family but I have spotted some of them giving it a try! Result! Our class has doubled in size since she began with us last year which speaks for itself.
admit to being a sceptic initially, but Jenny's magic Emmett moves helped release the tension in my calf which was negatively impacting my running. It also seems to have provided relief from my night-time restless legs!
I thoroughly enjoy Jenny's Pilates classes and have regularly been going for over a year. They are fun, spirited and make me want to do my best! Jenny's teaching style is totally engaging and I feel like our class has a great, warm, encouraging atmosphere. I would recommend without hesitation.
Jenny crafts her sessions in a way that makes them dynamic and enjoyable. She uses a light touch to explain the way movements relate to anatomy. When, as you get older, muscles tighten and bones ache you need a teacher who is not just enthusiastic but sensitive and enough fun to keep you coming back time after time so that you get the benefit. Jenny’s classes are not routine they are very imaginative and I recommend them with enthusiasm.  
I just wanted to thank you for the last session. It was exactly what I needed and I've really felt my hips open up since. And it has also helped relax the shoulders and upper back
For the past year Jenny has helped me with a chronic hip condition, by using a range of special movements.  She even went so far as to discuss my condition with my physio.  All in all, Jenny has greatly contributed to my physical and mental well being, with kindness, dedication and expertise.  
I really enjoy being taught by Jenny and I find Jenny's way of teaching very informative and thorough. 
I have been attending pilate mat classes for years, and yet under Jenny's instruction I am still learning to benefit more fully from each exercise. I would definitely recommend Jenny's classes to others
Jenny's classes are perfect for all ages and levels of ability. If you have an  injury either new or ongoing she will find a way to make the class work for you. A cheerful atmosphere coupled with varied exercises means you will leave feeling that you have benefitted from a good work out.
Jenny is a superb Pilates teacher. She prepares her classes skilfully to meet the needs and capacities of the group. She explains the exercises clearly but not at too great length. Every session is different so you are never bored. She is particularly good at taking care of anyone with injuries or problems like osteoporosis. I come away from her classes feeling both stretched and relaxed. Highly recommended!
I had a great nights sleep on Tuesday with no Carpal Tunnel pain whatsoever...yay! My ribs have released too and I feel a lot better in myself...I don't feel as bogged down. Thank you so much for my treatment
I enjoy every single pilates class, as Jenny is paying attention that every exercise is done correctly so we can take the benefit of it. Her good mood is also contagious and so the classes are enjoyable and I don’t realise when the time flies. Love Jenny& Pilates :)
I have recently started attending Jenny’s classes. I was made to feel instantly welcome and at ease. Although this is a class environment, the individual attention to your abilities is evident. I find the content to be extremely good, varied and already beneficial. Jenny’s easy nature and humour keep it fun, I only wish I had started sooner
Jenny is a great Pilates teacher, she makes the class fun as well as a tough workout. I would definitely recommend her classes for improved posture and to assist any old injuries.
I have been attending Jenny's classes for over a year now and really enjoy it. Jenny has a relaxed and friendly approach and encourages you to take things at your own pace (you know your body best!) giving variations of difficulty for you to try and encouraging you to do that little bit more. Jenny takes time to explain each step clearly  so that you can really understand which area of the body you are working on and what you are trying to achieve with the exercise.  I have definitely got better and enjoy it more as a result - there are things I can do now which I couldn't have even contemplated when I first started and that is credit to Jenny's teaching.  I would highly recommend you give her classes a go!
Jenny is a wonderful Pilates teacher. She really understands the body and concentrates on making you perfect each move, rather than rushing through. Since seeing Jenny I've felt a lot stronger and my posture has improved. I would seriously recommend her to anyone who is thinking of doing Pilates!
Jenny is an excellent instructor her visualisation techniques are particularly helpful.
I have attended her  weekly classes for 9 months leading to a big improvement in my posture and movement!
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