About VIDA Studios | VIDA Pilates

The word ‘VIDA’ means life, lifestyle or way of life. I believe that we need to get our bodies moving in order to regain our strength and vitality, and Pilates is a great way to achieve this.


In 1945 Joseph Pilates wrote a book called 'Return to Life' where he detailed all of his exercises and explained his philosophy and reasons why he felt that Pilates was vital for our health (both mentally and physically). It has been said that he was a man who was many years ahead of his time, and I could not agree more. Our lifestyles have become more and more sedentary with every passing year, and we are so reliant on technology from a very early age, that even children are developing repetitive strain injuries. It is becoming more and more important to re-learn how to move in order to reduce the impact of our modern lifestyles on our bodies and our minds. The word VIDA for me sums up the goal of Pilates – Life!


Since I qualified to become a Pilates teacher, I have dreamed of owning my own health centre – a ‘one-stop service centre for the body and mind’. VIDA Studios is my first step towards achieving that goal. It is a place where my clients will be made to feel welcome and somewhere for them to relieve the stresses and tension within the body.


At the moment, I offer Pilates classes as well as Barre classes, Ballet classes, SwingTrain classes as well as Mobiliser sessions, but one day, I hope to add other activities to the list (yoga, Tai-chi, meditation etc). And then I can continue my dream of taking over the world, I mean, opening up more branches of VIDA Studios.


It has taken a lot of hard work to get my studio to this point, and I hope you will enjoy the space as much as I do.


I look forward to welcoming you to VIDA Studios.